Accelerating Hadoop Big Data with Pluribus ONVL for Dell Open Networking

Big Data processing using infrastructure such as Apache Hadoop is becoming a mainstream activity in the typical enterprise data center, and Big Data processing is expected to happen in real-time or quasi real-time.

However, there are several factors that affect Hadoop processing speed that rely upon the network:
  • Data ingestion rates
  • Mapper data access
  • Intermediate mapper results shuffling
  • Reducers data access
  • HDFS initial replication and replica recovery.
All of these places unique demands on the network infrastructure, which in turn must offer visibility into finely grained performance parameters with an almost surgical degree of control.

Pluribus Open Netvisor® Linux (ONVL) for Dell Open Network Switches provides superior visibility and control with network fabric-wide management access through a single point that address all of these factors.


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