On-Demand Webinar: Securing IT Through Macro-segmentation


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Securing IT Through Macro-segmentation

As the very core of modern business, today's data center networks must provide a level of service and security like never before. It’s no longer a test of whether raw packets can move from one point to another, but really a function of how resources can be shared by various applications, without compromising security through errant or unauthorized access.

Join us for this 50-minute On-Demand Webinar where we will describe how Pluribus Virtualization-Centric switching solutions can be deployed across the data center to offer new services based on pools of distributed resources, without introducing added risks or compliance issues.

The Pluribus VCF architecture makes ‘touch of a button’ macro-segmentation possible, and is found in all switches powered by Netvisor or Open Netvisor Linux.

In this Video, we'll discuss the use of Macro-Segmentation found in all Netvisor powered switches including:

  • How to quickly allocate distributed resources to specific applications, without adding risk or compliance issues
  • Understanding the best practices associated with Macro-Segmentation including examples of deployment
  • How to visualize resource consumption, to assist with capacity planning

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