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Pluribus Demo Series: Enhance Network Automation and Visibility with UNUM Fabric Manager

Pluribus Demo Series: UNUM Fabric Manager

Join us for an overview and demo of Pluribus UNUM™ Fabric Manager, an agile, multi-functional web-based management portal that works with the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ to automate and simplify network operations.
  • Benefits of using UNUM and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric
  • How to easily build a new fabric with UNUM automation and zero-touch provisioning
  • How UNUM and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric simplify common fabric management tasks and workflows
  • How to leverage the interactive topology dashboard and fabric health monitor with real-time end-to-end network visibility to quickly identify fabric issues
  • How to use UNUM alerts to set up automated notifications for specific fabric events
Garry Lemasa
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
Pluribus Networks
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