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Pluribus Demo Series Webinar: Leveraging OpenStack to Orchestrate Distributed Cloud Deployments

Pluribus Networks Demo Series: Leveraging OpenStack to Orchestrate Distributed Cloud Deployments

Many enterprise and cloud providers use OpenStack to build private clouds for their geo- distributed cloud network and offer multiple availability zones to protect the application from datacenter failure. These zones have an additional datacenter in each region to protect the application and ensure datacenter resiliency.
OpenStack distributed cloud deployment requires seamless interconnectivity to multiple geographically-distributed smaller datacenters, then to centralized datacenters in a single, unified networking fabric to reduce communication overheads, costs, latency and security. Many vendors offer controller-based integration and provide southbound API to program network services on physical infrastructure by calling for a ML2 plugin, but the major challenge lies in distributed cloud networking, which requires another orchestration layer to program the distributed cloud deployments across the region(s).
In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate the Pluribus controller-less Integration for OpenStack, Pluribus Modular Layer 2 (ML2) plug-in. This solution helps bring the simplicity and agility needed to deploy cloud services faster, in a distributed cloud network from one single-point without the need for controllers.
  • Simplify & accelerate overlay service for federated OpenStack distributed cloud
  • Simplify OpenStack horizon for distributed management
  • Obtain tenant (VM) visibility from federated OpenStack distributed cloud
Chirag Kachalia
Technical Marketing Engineer
Pluribus Networks
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