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Pluribus Demo Series: Wire Once and Never Re-Cable - Automating your Hardware Test Lab in the Time of COVID-19


Pluribus Networks Demo Series: VirtualWire

In the current COVID-19 environment, having a remote lab automation solution is more critical than ever. With government mandates to shelter in place and work from home, being able to remotely setup & configure a lab network is a key tool for business continuity planning (BCP) and quickly rolling out new services into production.

Attend this webinar to get an overview and demo of a highly innovative approach to test lab automation that uses commodity white box Ethernet switches to deliver a VirtualWire fabric for software defined test lab automation.
In this webinar you will learn how this solution not only helps with BCP but offers a number of other compelling benefits as well:
  • Speed up time to service and reduce opex with remote software reconfiguration of your lab topology
  • Reduce CapEx by leveraging commodity white box switches instead of expensive Layer 1 switches
  • Share test ports across labs to improve the ROI on expensive test generators
  • Increasing efficiency by sharing resources across multiple geographically diverse lab locations
  • Mix media and port speeds to increase flexibility and reduce the need to buy dedicated ports
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Krishna Khandavilli
Senior Technical Marketing Engineer
Pluribus Networks
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